This Week in Virginia Cannabis Industry News, September 13, 2022

Cannabis Oversight Commission Meeting

The most recent meeting for Virginia’s Cannabis Oversight Commission took place on 9/1. Full stream is available now for those who interested.

CannaBizVA’s Dylan Bishop Joins Eckert Seamans

Congratulations to CBV’s own Dylan Bishop, who recently joined the team at Eckert Seamans. This allows him access to many more resources while lobbying on behalf of CannaBizVA and the cannabis industry as a whole. Learn more.

D.C. Court Reverses Firing Of Government Worker Who Tested Positive For Marijuana

This is definitely a win for those who support reform to the laws surrounding employee use of cannabis, especially for those that rely on it for medical conditions.

“Because Employee was allowed to perform her duties and did in fact adequately do so after being observed by her supervisors, I find that [the supervisors] did not reasonably believe that Employee’s ability to perform her job was impaired. As such, I further conclude that a reasonable suspicion referral was unwarranted,” the judge wrote in the ruling, which was published in the District Register late last month.

Pennsylvania Gov. Announces ‘Large-Scale’ Pardoning for Non-Violent Cannabis Convictions

Another legal victory for cannabis rights as Gov. Tom Wolf announces plans to pardon a significant amount of non-violent cannabis convictions in Pennsylvania.

Poll: 65% of U.S. Voters Support Giving Cannabis Companies Banking Access

Banking access remains a huge hurdle to the legitimate cannabis industries in America. Given the majority support from the public, one would hope that our lawmakers would have the vision to make the necessary changes.

This Week in Virginia Cannabis Industry News, September 6, 2022

Dangers of THC edibles and children in Virginia addressed by Miyares in school safety webinar

While we are fully in support of the legal Delta 8 market in Virginia, we also strongly support regulations that require clear and consistent packaging. Attorney General Jason Miyares addressed some of the concerns in a recent webinar.

FBI Says CBD Use Is An ‘Automatic Disqualifier’ For Employment Despite Federal Hemp Legalization

Despite being fully legal on the federal level (and pretty much purchasable at your local grocery store), the FBI considers CBD an automatic disqualifier for employment.

The Impact Of The IRS Code 280e On Cannabis Companies And Their Marketing Strategies

This article highlights the hurdles of the cannabis industry when it comes to taxes, deductions, and marketing. Article excerpt …

“There are a number of specific ways that 280E impedes cannabis companies from marketing their products. For one, it prohibits them from deducting advertising expenses, which can be a significant cost for businesses. Additionally, it limits their ability to sponsor events and engage in other forms of marketing that would be beneficial for their business. As a result of these restrictions, cannabis companies often have to get creative in the ways they market their products.”

Global Cannabis News Updates – The Swiss Go THC, Germany Flip-Flops on Rec, Costa Rica Says Yes, and Malaysia Up Next

Some updates of cannabis regulation across the globe.

This Week in Virginia Cannabis Industry News, August 29, 2022

Inside the ‘wild, wild west’ of Virginia’s marijuana market

This Washington Post article goes into great detail on some of the “grey area” businesses that have been appearing throughout the state as we wait for further legislative action. As person interviewed in the article bluntly put it, “Scared money don’t make no money.”

Inside California’s Cannabis Crisis

It is important to note that even when production and sales are finally allowed in Virginia, problems still remain. Unreasonable regulations, high taxes and a thriving illicit market in California are crushing the legitimate marijuana industry in the state.

Virginia cannabis firms expand medical facilities amid uncertainty over adult-use sales

Speaking of thriving, the medical marijuana industry continues to grow in Virginia while uncertainty remains for the rest.

Groups offer $1M in cannabis scholarships to Virginia students

This week’s “Continuing Education” highlights a new program in Virginia that allows students access to both $1,000 scholarships for cannabis education as well as $50,000 to start businesses upon graduation.

This Week in Virginia Cannabis Industry News, August 22, 2022

D.C. Medical Marijuana Registrations Surged In July After ‘Self-Certification’ Law Took Effect

Not surprisingly, there was a significant increase in medical marijuana patients now that DC laws allow “self certification” without any communication with a doctor.

11 Considerations When Vying for a Cannabis License

As we prepare (hopefully) for the start of the Virginia licensing application process, this article offers some helpful tips, observations, and strategies to consider.

$20,000 To Allow Recreational Marijuana in Your Town? Maine Tries Paying Cities $20k to Let Recreational Marijuana In

What this shows above all else is how important it will continue to be for us for work with politicians and officials on the LOCAL level so communities will embrace cannabis industry businesses within their city and county limits. This is something we encourage ALL CannaBizVA members to continue to assist us with since it will take a statewide effort to reach as many areas as possible.

4 Cannabis Recession Predictions

As our national economy enters recession territory, how will the cannabis industry be impacted? This article offers some insight and opinions on what may take place.

This Week in Virginia Cannabis Industry News, August 15, 2022

Public Comments to the Virginia Hemp Task Force

The Hemp Task Force recently accepted public comments via an online portal. CannaBizVA members submitted comments as well as others. Read more

Delta-8 THC Declared Legal in Kentucky

We referenced this ruling in our recent communications with the Virginia Task Force in protection and support of Delta-8 retailers in the Commonwealth.

“On Aug. 3, hemp license holders in the state got long-awaited clarity on the issue when “Boone Circuit Judge Rick Brueggemann declared delta-8 to be a legal derivative of hemp and issued a permanent injunction against law enforcement which prevents them from charging retailers and producers with criminal activity for selling delta-8,” the release states.”

New Florida Marijuana Legalization Initiative Filed For 2024 Ballot, With Backing Of State’s Largest Medical Cannabis Company

It is certainly of no surprise that Big Pharma would be in support of this opportunity.

A Brief Introduction To Terpenes: Monoterpenes, Sesquiterpenes, And Terpenoids

As part of our continuing education series, we offer information and explanations behind the different terpenes and their uses and benefits.

Online public comment portal for hemp task force now open

Virginia’s Hemp Task Force met this past Tuesday, but did not accept public comment as the meeting. As a follow up they are now offering an online portal for public comment and we HIGHLY encourage that every CannaBizVA member (and industry supporter as a whole) take a moment to have their opinion be heard.

We encourage you to offer as in-depth an opinion as you’d like, but we also have some talking points we’d like you to consider …

1.   Ask that VDACS rescind the recent change in policy until it can be enacted properly.

2. Ask VDACS to publicly provide guidance as to the acceptable amounts of Delta8 THC that occur naturally and how it relates to compliance.

3. Request a proposed amendment to  Virginia code 3.2-5145.5 to conform with federal law.

You can provide your comment directly to VDACS here.

Thank you for you continued support of CannaBizVA and thank you for taking the time to have your voice heard! Additionally, please see our comments delivered to Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Matthew J. Lohr.

This Week in Virginia Cannabis Industry News, August 8, 2022

Federal ban on marijuana use causes more harm than good

The court of public opinion continues to sway in the direction of supporting the cannabis industry in America. The “heavy lifting” is educating our legislators on the proper ways to move forward.

Hydroponic chain planting flag in Chesterfield with first Virginia store

Colorado-based hydroponic chain GrowGeneration will open their first Virginia retail space in Richmond in late September. Company spokesman Alex Salaman adds, “We are constantly evaluating our strategy and if this store does what we believe it will do, we will look to expand within Virginia.”

Federal cannabis legalization could be help boost Southern State economies

A look at the potential economic boost of the legal cannabis industry in the Carolinas, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. The article states, “Southern states have all it takes to be a cannabis economic powerhouse. The region possesses the skills, fertile lands, brilliant minds, and immense potential to overthrow the current highest producers of cannabis in the country.”

7 Cannabis Schools for Continuing and Professional Education

Part of growing our industry statewide comes with those of us within the industry (and those interested in being a part of it), continuing our education on the benefits, uses, and potential of cannabis and related products and industries. Here we offer some opportunities.

The Hijacking Of Legal Cannabis Frameworks By Those Who Can – A Minnesota Tale of 10,00 Mistakes

A legal look at the mistakes made in Minnesota as they went through the legalization process. We continue to hope that many of the same mistakes aren’t made here.

This Week in Virginia Cannabis News, June 26, 2022

Confusion in Kansas Continues: Douglas County District Attorney Says Businesses Selling Delta-8 THC Will Be Prosecuted

The biggest issue of the “legalities” mentioned in this article is that law enforcement and members of the judicial system are not fully informed or educated on the legitimacy of the products in question.

Marijuana Banking Reform Will Not be Enacted As Part Of Manufacturing Bill, Congressional Leaders Agree

Yet another instance of the government refusing to fix the banking problems …

Supreme Court Denies Medical Marijuana Workers’ Compensation Cases

…or the perception of the industry as a whole.

Cannabis Market worth $90.4 billion by 2026

And yet here we are, despite these challenges, an industry growing in leaps and bounds that could be a massive boom to the national economy.

This Week in Virginia Cannabis News, May 29, 2022

US House of Representatives Again Passes Marijuana Reform Bill

Article excerpt …

“The bill would expunge the record of those convicted of certain marijuana-related offenses, and reduce sentences for others. Through a tax on sales, it would also fund services in communities most impacted by prohibition and provide support for a more diverse and inclusive market.

Bans at the state level would not be changed, though the MORE Act sends a powerful signal about the importance of building on the wave of state-level reforms that have resulted in 18 states allowing legal access to marijuana for adult use in recent years.”

Safe Cannabis is the Key to Federally Legal Cannabis – Why the Industry Needs More Stringent Testing

We also agree that transparency and product accuracy are vital to cannabis becoming more respected both in this country and worldwide.

Leafreport Study Unveils Lack of Purity and Potency Testing by CBD Brands

And this speaks exactly to that issue.

North Carolina Senate Introduces Legislation to Permanently Remove Hemp From Controlled Substances List

If the measure does not pass before the state’s pilot program expires June 30, hemp will be outlawed in North Carolina.

Reimagining weed: what if cannabis was treated like wine?

An interesting exploration into what the landscape may look like if the cannabis industry was looked at and regulated like the wine industry.

This Week in Virginia Cannabis News, May 22, 2022

Delta-8 THC Products Are Federally Legal Just Like Hemp, Appeals Court Rules

“A panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit wrote in an opinion published Thursday that products containing delta-8 THC are generally legal because federal law defines hemp as “any part of” the cannabis plant, including “all derivatives, extracts, [and] cannabinoids,” that contains less than 0.3 percent delta-9 THC by weight.”

A Stoner’s Confession – How a World of Disinformation is Slowing Down Cannabis Legalization

We continue to emphasize that informing and education our politicians, law enforcement, and general public is one of the most important tasks for organizations like ours.

Hemp and marijuana are different; WV farms face stigma

Situations like this again emphasize the need for better education in regards to our industry.

VA Rejects Veteran’s Hemp Business Certification, Saying It Could Create ‘Appearance’ Of Endorsing Marijuana

Considering the benefits of cannabis for our veterans suffering from PTSD, it would be our wish that the VA be more supportive of those veterans that are looking to start cannabis-related businesses.

Suffolk police find 49 pounds of marijuana in vehicle hit by gunfire

“When officers arrived, they found two vehicles that were struck by gunfire, but no one was inside. No injuries were reported. According to the police department, one of the vehicles was seized and found to contain 49 pounds of marijuana inside.”