This Week in Virginia Cannabis Industry News, August 15, 2022

Public Comments to the Virginia Hemp Task Force

The Hemp Task Force recently accepted public comments via an online portal. CannaBizVA members submitted comments as well as others. Read more

Delta-8 THC Declared Legal in Kentucky

We referenced this ruling in our recent communications with the Virginia Task Force in protection and support of Delta-8 retailers in the Commonwealth.

“On Aug. 3, hemp license holders in the state got long-awaited clarity on the issue when “Boone Circuit Judge Rick Brueggemann declared delta-8 to be a legal derivative of hemp and issued a permanent injunction against law enforcement which prevents them from charging retailers and producers with criminal activity for selling delta-8,” the release states.”

New Florida Marijuana Legalization Initiative Filed For 2024 Ballot, With Backing Of State’s Largest Medical Cannabis Company

It is certainly of no surprise that Big Pharma would be in support of this opportunity.

A Brief Introduction To Terpenes: Monoterpenes, Sesquiterpenes, And Terpenoids

As part of our continuing education series, we offer information and explanations behind the different terpenes and their uses and benefits.