This Week in Virginia Cannabis Industry News, August 22, 2022

D.C. Medical Marijuana Registrations Surged In July After ‘Self-Certification’ Law Took Effect

Not surprisingly, there was a significant increase in medical marijuana patients now that DC laws allow “self certification” without any communication with a doctor.

11 Considerations When Vying for a Cannabis License

As we prepare (hopefully) for the start of the Virginia licensing application process, this article offers some helpful tips, observations, and strategies to consider.

$20,000 To Allow Recreational Marijuana in Your Town? Maine Tries Paying Cities $20k to Let Recreational Marijuana In

What this shows above all else is how important it will continue to be for us for work with politicians and officials on the LOCAL level so communities will embrace cannabis industry businesses within their city and county limits. This is something we encourage ALL CannaBizVA members to continue to assist us with since it will take a statewide effort to reach as many areas as possible.

4 Cannabis Recession Predictions

As our national economy enters recession territory, how will the cannabis industry be impacted? This article offers some insight and opinions on what may take place.