This Week in Virginia Cannabis Industry News, August 8, 2022

Federal ban on marijuana use causes more harm than good

The court of public opinion continues to sway in the direction of supporting the cannabis industry in America. The “heavy lifting” is educating our legislators on the proper ways to move forward.

Hydroponic chain planting flag in Chesterfield with first Virginia store

Colorado-based hydroponic chain GrowGeneration will open their first Virginia retail space in Richmond in late September. Company spokesman Alex Salaman adds, “We are constantly evaluating our strategy and if this store does what we believe it will do, we will look to expand within Virginia.”

Federal cannabis legalization could be help boost Southern State economies

A look at the potential economic boost of the legal cannabis industry in the Carolinas, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. The article states, “Southern states have all it takes to be a cannabis economic powerhouse. The region possesses the skills, fertile lands, brilliant minds, and immense potential to overthrow the current highest producers of cannabis in the country.”

7 Cannabis Schools for Continuing and Professional Education

Part of growing our industry statewide comes with those of us within the industry (and those interested in being a part of it), continuing our education on the benefits, uses, and potential of cannabis and related products and industries. Here we offer some opportunities.

The Hijacking Of Legal Cannabis Frameworks By Those Who Can – A Minnesota Tale of 10,00 Mistakes

A legal look at the mistakes made in Minnesota as they went through the legalization process. We continue to hope that many of the same mistakes aren’t made here.