This Week in Virginia Cannabis Industry News, September 6, 2022

Dangers of THC edibles and children in Virginia addressed by Miyares in school safety webinar

While we are fully in support of the legal Delta 8 market in Virginia, we also strongly support regulations that require clear and consistent packaging. Attorney General Jason Miyares addressed some of the concerns in a recent webinar.

FBI Says CBD Use Is An ‘Automatic Disqualifier’ For Employment Despite Federal Hemp Legalization

Despite being fully legal on the federal level (and pretty much purchasable at your local grocery store), the FBI considers CBD an automatic disqualifier for employment.

The Impact Of The IRS Code 280e On Cannabis Companies And Their Marketing Strategies

This article highlights the hurdles of the cannabis industry when it comes to taxes, deductions, and marketing. Article excerpt …

“There are a number of specific ways that 280E impedes cannabis companies from marketing their products. For one, it prohibits them from deducting advertising expenses, which can be a significant cost for businesses. Additionally, it limits their ability to sponsor events and engage in other forms of marketing that would be beneficial for their business. As a result of these restrictions, cannabis companies often have to get creative in the ways they market their products.”

Global Cannabis News Updates – The Swiss Go THC, Germany Flip-Flops on Rec, Costa Rica Says Yes, and Malaysia Up Next

Some updates of cannabis regulation across the globe.